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Welcome! from now on I will start collecting and sharing about software engineering related topics. As usual for such blogs, the plan is to collect my personal references hoping to interact with like-minded software passionate people out there.

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Since early times of my software engineering career, development of software projects following best practices for project development (e.g.: Agile Methodologies and Design Patterns) and industry standards for supporting activities, like project management from ISO 9000 and the whole set of processes from the ISO 12207 and ISO15504 -“SPICE”) have caught my attention. However, I have always “cherry picked” what I needed for the moment and moved on with my projects. I fear I have left very usefull concepts, techniques and ideas behind and I would like to recover all this material again.

During my master studies in Technological Innovation and Software Engineering, I extended my Software Development skills acquired during my early career and bachelor studies, thus, I believe that now is time to assemble all this knowlege in one place – the
Software Project Strategy Database (SPSD).

Post in pt-BR: http://armandoperico.com/2019/02/10/ola/

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