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It was an University project started in mid 2007 that rapidly branched out to a technology startup with operations in South America, Mexico and Europe.

First time the Funstation kiosk was available in Switzerland as a final product and not as a University Project

The final product which was presented to end-consumer was a touch screen self-service kiosk for where the users could download digital content direct to their portable devices (at that time we still had MP3 players and CD with drivers for the mobile telephones… Nokia was probably the lead cellular OEM). As 3G networks wasn’t wide spread yet and Apple was still fighting with the music industry to revolutionize the way we consume music, our solution came to fill a (temporary) gap in the market and facilitate digital media consumption with portable devices.

Teenagers experimenting the Funstation Kiosk at FNAC Brazil

The backend system was technically very complex. It required our team to develop several customized solutions for hardware and software applications. Including own development of a P2P network system to distribute our (legal) content, use of front-end applications based on web technologies and low-level drivers to access Bluetooth capabilities and hack the Ipod/iPhone closed software architectures.

Commercially, it was a B2B platform for branding different sort of products throughout the aggregation of value with entertainment hooks of the music industry.

Well, it was an amazing time which made me grow up and learn a lot about software, business, politics, friendship and life. Although the project “died” commercially around 2013, the lessons remained and I will carry them with me for the rest of my life.

US Patent:

Some more pictures from the personal archive of “Funstation” times:

Me in the cover page of a Brazilian magazine talking about creativity
Funstation Production line
Bruno de Marchi (Brau) my best friend and partner for any sort of endevou

Armando Perico


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