What are the new research topics on Software Quality Management?

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My answer in Quora about the topic:

I cannot say what are the topics currently under research, however, I can provide some perspective from the requirements I see emerging from software activities in the automotive industry. Furthermore, I believe that research topics in Software Quality Management have a high correlation with the different international standards that exists out there, thus, new topics under study should be somehow aligned with international standards evolution.

A concrete example of that is can be noticed in the automotive industry with functional safety standards. This category of standard is very relevant for the automotive industry and has recently been changing to accommodate new market demands. In this case, due to the incremental transformation of combustion engine vehicles to a “multi-computer hardware/software platform” in wheels, functional safety standards had to be extended (or even completely restructured – see ISO 26262) to consider not only mechanical engineering (for former internal combustion vehicles) subjects but also to assimilate software engineering processes and quality standards as well. In this case, the Software Quality Management activities had to be deeply adjusted to coordinate the activities proposed by the new standards.

Under this same umbrella, I could imagine that measures for Artificial Intelligence have to be strongly considered by international standards in different industries as well. Thus, I would suggest that topics dedicated for Artificial Intelligence in vehicles will soon have to be integrated in the Software Quality Management discipline as well (the same has happened with Software Security recently.)

In short, I don’t know with certainty as I don’t have access to my university library resources anymore. However, I would bet on topics related to:

Artificial intelligence (specially in areas where normally we could count with deterministic software and that cannot be employed anymore with use of neural networks and so son…)
Security (in every level)
Widespread understanding of Agile Methodologies in QM-related topicsThis topic can be easily handled in practice but it still generates lots of misinformed decisions. I would say that this topic needs to be better spread in the SW-QM community


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