What is quality management?

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A quality manager can accumulate a variety of responsibility, but, in my opinion, these activities can be classified into three main categories:

1) Definition of the organization process landscape

Here the software QM team defines generic software engineering processes to be employed as a reference for every (software) project within the organization. Often, the definition of these processes follow requirements and guidelines from Internal standards such as the ISO 900X, ISO/IEC 15504 and so on.

For every process there is a set of inputs, outputs and activities that needs to be performed. Thus, process step description, guidelines for the activities and templates for the work products have to be defined.

E.g.: Definition of steps within the Requirement Specification Process, what are the activities needed to defined the requirements and how the result work product should be structured and filled in.

2) Support project teams to comply with the organization processes

In these activities the QM team supports the projects team to perform the activities following the processes defined. Furthermore, as every project has its own set of particularities, it might be necessary to “tailor” the processes and activities defined in the generic processes for that specific project.

The QM team might also accumulates the responsibility of coordinating the QM-related activities such as: Reviews, Testing guidelines and Delivery checks (e.g.: Gap analyses and quality gates). Here the QM team assures that the team is following the guidelines and activities defined for the project. E.g.: Ensuring that the developers implement only the functions which were defined in the requirement specification (nothing less, nothing more).

3) Assessment of projects and organizations

In these set of QM activities, the QM team assesses the “work products” of a project in order to identify at which extent the work products were generated following the process steps defined and are in compliance with the minimum requirements expected by the processes. As the generic processes usually follows specific structure which allows for maturity evaluation (e.g.: ISO 15504), here it is possible to classify the organization according to their capabilities in performing the projects.

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Read Armando Perico‘s answer to What is quality management? on Quora

Read Armando Perico's answer to What is quality management? on Quora

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