About me

My name is Armando Perico and I am a Software Engineer from Brazil living in Germany. I develop software since I was a teenager in the early 2000’s and I had the opportunity to participate in several interesting software-related projects. The project that changed everything to me was the “Funstation Kiosk StartUP”, however, as lover of technology, I have been involved in several web, mobile and e-commerce projects until I ended up developing low-level software for electric vehicles in the German automotive industry. More information on my professional profile.

I have a family with my wife with 3 amazing kids. In the short free time I have, I like to swim, photograph, read, fix my Fedora installations, learn German and keep learning about software, electronics, finance, business and politics. …and now I also blog!

In this blog

I gather and share Software Engineering practices I have acquired during my studies and personal projects in the hopes that some of this content is of any use for you. Furthermore, I understood that more one share and try externalize its own tacit knowledge, more we grow and learn. Thus, I will try to keep this blog up-to-date with software engineering-related content and provide you with good and valuable content while I keep my skills sharp ;). I hope to hear from you!

Disclaimer: The content available in this blog is not endorsed or have any sort relation with of my professional role in the automotive industry – including at my current job. The purpose of this blog is purely educational and has the goal of enhancing my software engineering knowledge and sharing good engineering pratices with people of same interests. The content shared here does not reflect at any extent private knowledge about clients, colleagues or proprietary company information.